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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Kotik is Ill

Animals are afraid of death. Did you ever think about it?

Stassi was afraid to stay with Imir when he was dieing. She tryed to awoyd him and did not want to near him at all. I can't imagine the reason of this behaviour. Maybe she was afraid of the odour of the illness.

Our cat, Kotik, did not want to eat about a week ago and it was visible that he felt bad. When he tryed to eat, he cryed terribly. He did not want I cure him and even tore my finger when I wanted to give him a tab.

He did not come to eat for 2 days (you will remember our cats are stray, they come to visit us but do not live in the house). I understood that he had broken a tooth, and thought the infection, sepsis can kill him. So, when he did not come for 2 or 3 days, I decided he is just dead.

In the evening, I called the female, Basja, and... a miracle: Kotik, skeleton, arrives for the door. I was very happy. He ate a little and remained to sleep on his own place. When Murka gave birth to them, she took them in the house and put them on the old bedspread. It is alive till today, that bedspread, and is the property of Kotik. He sleeps on it when he comes to us.

Наши Кошки:Котя, его мама Мурка и бывшая невеста Бася

So, when Kotik was laying on his bedspread, I could finally see what he had. There was an enormous abcess under his lower jaw. All the kittens of Murka had lymph nodes' infection once. I can't say if it was the same, the lymph node, but today, when this abcess is just opened, it seems that somebody wanted to cut the head to this cat.

He is very emaciated now, but I think, the worse period passed. I hope, he will turn to the normality in some time. 

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