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Monday, 13 June 2011

Kotik is Dead

After two days of agony, Kotik died this morning.
I had to go in the hospital and was not at home when it happend. When we turned back with the medicine, he was just dead.
The abscess was opened in the evening yesterday, and I had a hope, he can survive: they say, the cats have 9 lives. But he had only one... A terrible long death with excruciating pains...

This blog was born when Kotik was a year old, and I told here about his victories and falls, about his humor and his respect to his mother.

Last words I have to say about his love to me. Yes, he was stray, but he was born in this house and I was a kind of mother for him. He loved me. Two days ago he turned home after 2 or 3 days of absence. He was very scraggy, but he wanted to show me his love: he could not eat but wanted to rub against my legs.

Incorrigible rogue, he went away when I went to sleep that evening.
I did not find him in the morning, but my neighbour called me in the evening: there is a died black cat in our yard. Is it your cat?
I went there and found Kotik laying like dead. But there was breath else. I took him in our yard and sat near him, stroking him... and he began to ...rumble(? I did not find the right word)! He could understand that I am near him and was happy that he turned home, to me...

I'm looking on 3 graves now. My last "child" abandoned me.

There is not positive, neither negative, it's simply the way to exist.

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