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Monday, 28 July 2008

About Firefighter's Battles

Fire on this photo is what happend about 150 m from our house a year ago. Every year the hills in this region are burned by the sheep herders -he fact that is known even for newborns. There are letterally some of them that do this job -very old men. But every year nobody can find the delinquents. The only case was when the fire came very close to the villa of one great boss over here. The boss found that incendiary in a minute and the fire on our hill was finished for 2-3 years. Till the year ago.

Now I found a video about heroic firefighters in BBC:
Firefighters are battling to control a forest fire close to one of America's most famous wildlife reserves, Yosemite National Park.
EVERYBODY, even the newborns, know that these fires burn the same firefighters to have work and to receive greatest money for their work.

Italian civic protection opend statistics about who burns the forests. About 1% are piromans, about 1% are not attentive persons that throw burning sigarettes, about 1% are the herders -something like this. I don't remember precise numbers. ALL THE REST is burned by firefighters to recive retribution for their work.
The HEROIC FIREFIGHTERS. Like in the video of BBC.

Americans tell about it for many years.

BUT every year nobody can find the delinquents.

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