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Sunday, 13 July 2008

WWF And Love

I did not tell you about the last notices here. We had an other little fox in the trap 2 days later the first of them. It was much more little and probably a female.
I asked my husband to live it go, but he said: because it's a female and it's too little to understand, she will not go away from here and we will have next generation of foxes in short time. So it will be better to call WWF once more.

From that time we find only the same stupid hedgehog in the trap.

And Murka will always see what is happend in the trap this time. She is terribly afraid of it. Maybe because we took her with the trap to the veterinarian. But she comes every time to see.

Because we saved lives of 2 little foxes and not killed them (we did not say to the man that came to us to take away the foxes that we did not kill the mother but took her in an other place, so we saved 3 foxes this time) the man took us these stuff about national park that we have here not so far from the house.

The park is great enough and is situated on the hills that are around our little hill.

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