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Monday, 7 July 2008

A Very Very, A Terribly Sad Story

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It's the life, I know. The terrible cruel life. I'm afraid, you will hate me for this post. But it's the life. And evrything, every action has it's consequences.

You remember the kittens of Kotik? The stupid mother took them in a safe place, in a room of our neighbours that killed them a day later... This beautiful male... How is possible to blow out the life in these eyes?

Now we have to live the consequenses of the hunting the fox. I said you, it had it's puppies. Yesterday one of them came in the trap. It has milk-teeth and has to be about 4 months,I think. I don't know when they change teeth. He looks very good (eating our hens and cocks) and don't understand what is happend to it.

Now, what to do with it? It's unpossible to take it in the other place because it's too little. Today I'll try to convince my husband to free him. It's not a good idea for our hens, clear. But...
It doesn't eat and doesn't drink... It's stupid and beautiful as all children.

From other side, the children have the usage to become adult.

Happy End:
I called WWF this afternoon. A man came to us and took the poor fox-child to transfere it in the near National Park. The man said, the puppy is great enough to hunt lizards -and there are millions of them here.

The other good notice took us the man. I found once an ill buzzard. It fall me on the head pratically. So the man from WWF -and it was the same man- came to us and took the bird in the animal hospital that they have. Today he said us, the buzzard passed much time there but they cured it and free it in the park too.

This is really great end of this day!

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