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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Tragedy In The Sea

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This day began with nice notices: Researchers found different new species of fish -a new catfish between them, an alive fish was found on the depth of 2300 meters (I think that meters),
in India were found new caecilias (photo in the bottom -more avout them in my post Mother-caecilia as film-star). Imagin, the man in the video I've seen tells that they, 2 caecilias, come to him, in his house and live now there.

But the bad notice made me very sad:

Federal officials in the U.S. have confirmed what biologists have long thought: The Caribbean monk seal has gone the way of the dodo.

Humans hunting the docile creatures for food, skins, and blubber left the population unsustainable, say biologists, who warn that Mediterranean and Hawaiian monk seals could be the next to go.

The last confirmed sighting of a wild Caribbean monk seal was in 1952 (NatGeographic)
I know, some of you will be really sad about it. JB for example that is always touched with tragedies of friends-animals . And I thought, that I have not to give all you this notice. But the very sad thoughts don't leave me: Till when will humans destroy everything around them?????

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