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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Yeti Found Finally

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(photo from this article If I look at it, I think it's not yeti but the macaca of Japan)

There are different species of misterious homo living in the mountains.

It can be that I heared about it brfore that time, but the first memories are from my study at the university in Caucasus. I had not possibility to become an alpinist, but I wanted always to meet persons that did something like that. And these persons used to tell stories about strainge things they and others lived in the mountains.

The mountains of Caucasus are young and high enough, Elbrus was not so too far from our city, Beshtau was some km far from there, and we had our student-home directly on Mashuk. What do you want more?

One of the species has so many names! Bigfoot, Yeti, Man of the Snow ecc. You know about it. Sincerely, I believe in it's existance. Because -as for me- it's unpossible that completely different nations from all parts of the world had perfectly identic legends about this event. Eschimos and Tibetans, Americans and Caucasians. All ethnos living in the mountains have this character as a neighbour. For example: russians have not this legend, italians have it not too. Germans, as I know, too.

I read that in 1920 more or less, the residents of one of the places like that called soldiers to see some of Yeti that they caught and had closed in a great hole. Here in the bottom of this post you can see the video about a Bigfoot found dead not so far ago in US. The notice is from August 14.

Ah, forgot, there was an other very misterious specie in the stories told us at the time of university. Black Alpinist. But this is homo sapiens and I can't write about it in this blog.

Forgot: this year Yeti ate all the macaroni and chocolate of a group of alpinists from Ukraina in the base situating on 6500 m on the mount Everest (alpinists found steps on the snow near the base)! They waited for him for some days without macaroni but he said that without them did not want to come there more.

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