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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Skydiving Dog

"I said to myself, 'if he doesn't like it, he's not doing it again'. But he loved it."

This photo and words are from the article of about this skydiving dog. After his 2-nd jump the dog took part of the skydiving animals all over the world.

Dogs are strange beings. To be together with you, they do anything. I live and lived with different animals, but I think there is no other animal that is completely dedicated to it's human "god". You can kill him every day, but he continue to love you.

You know I adore cats for their perfection. But the cat is an independent being. It can love you, stay with you, but it lives from it's head, it has it's own opinion and it never does something if it not approves you.

The dog's life is not it's own life. It is a part of it's owner. The only important thing in it's life is to be together with you. Do you think, they are discendants of the wolves? As for me, they are something completely different. A separate part of humans soul.

С мамой...

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