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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Do You Know The Name Your Dog Or Cat Gave You?

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This afternoon was dedicated to the world of dolphins. I began with the story about a female that teaches her group to do the tricks she saw in a dolphinarium probably (Is It Servility Or Wissdom?), than I found notices that the dolphins of Chang Jiang are extinct and 2 species of the dolphins in New Zealand will be extinct in the next 25 years. The most great problem for them are the fishing nets. The help can come from ... military industry. On the photo from is a ball with gel that can reflect sounds and doesn't need batteries ecc.

What you see on the next photo is a boucket to impress females presented in the zone. Dolphins in Amazon and Orinoco do it when they are in the places where many of them have meetings and where there are adults of both sexes.

By the way, the scientists demonstrated that the dolphins have names. They call one other by name and answer if somebody calls them. I'm very happy about this because I said many many times that the dogs have names and they give us names too. I know what was MY name: when our dog male was alive he called me with this name many times. But nobody wants to believe me.

Well, finally last notice. This animal has to be the ancestor of wales and dolphins. An animal similar to a little deer that lived on the earth but could hide itself in water if was afraid of something. The name of the animal is Indohyus.

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