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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Do It If You Want To Buy A Parrot

Many years ago I had a friend that had different families of parrots in her flat. I had to listen to many stories about the life of the parrots everyday and finally was infected with this illness: I bought a couple of parrots.

When you buy a parrot you need Bird & Parrot Cages first of all. You have to transport you new friend home, than it has to live somewhere. Finally, even if you allow it to fly all the day free in your house, he has to have an own place where it will find it's privacy. Yes, not only humans ned it from time to time.

After it you will understand that your parrot needs Parrot Toys. Maybe you will not believe me but a parrot needs more toys as other our animals-friends. It can invent games too but if it has something to do, it will not invent something dangerous for itself or for your house. The parrots I had, for example, understood quickly what to do to open the cage and when I was at work they had great entertainment in the room with everything they found there.

You have to care for your parrot too. They can have different health problems. So, they don't like draughts, they need minerals and vitamins and they can have flees too. In this case you need Parrot Treats and if you are not very expert is better if you go to the veterinarian. It is more difficult with birds as with other animals because they can die in so few time that you have not time to understand what is happend.

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