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Monday, 8 September 2008

Dangerous Games With Wild Animals

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From time to time I write about dangerous usage to see animals as toys. As example, my post New Domestic Animals. Even a little shimp is much more powerful as a man -as you can see in this video too:

I remembered a story about dolphin that killed a man because, drunk as he was, put different things and liquids in the breathing orifice (excuse me, don't know the rigt word) of the dolphin.

Yesterday I've seen a documentary where a wale that did not want to be caressed by a girl, took her in the depth of the sea, about 10 meters (and than back in the surface). The cameraman (that was far from the place and could do nothing to help the girl) said, the wale did not want to kill the girl because it COULD take her more in the depth.
They say the dolphins punish their kids in this way. They know very well how much air have they and can resist. So, I think the wale knows it very well too and it was the education, not killing from it's side.

These photo and video I found in this interesting post where you can read other information.

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