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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Cats And Dog In A Rainy Day

We all are thinking not about the great and merry feast that is not so far (and I want to pass you our best wishes from all the company). We are thinking about the very bad weather that continue to persist in our region.

It's raining and raining practically without stop from the middle of November. There were only 5-7 days of sun all together. And some of them with so hard wind that it was unpossible to go out from the house.

We (with Stassi) could not catch the cats from the house even if Stassi is not content that those bad-mannered cats eat from her plate. But she has to wait when they go away because I ask her about it.

When I go up in our flat, the cats come for the door and cry I have to open because they know that the fridge is there. The plate of Stassi is, surely, good, but there, near the fridge, they can find something delizious if they are enough insistent....

The cats like to sleep near the fireplace too. And -till we don't see it- on the feather bedspread. Murka invented even an ingenious thing (as a Siamese she is very-very ingenious): she doesn't sleep ON THE bedspread. She hides herself UNDER the bedspread. I don't see her, close the house and go down in this room in the ground floor. And she can sleep where and how she wants till I have to turn back. In the pause she can control if there is something tasty in the kitchen and on the table... She is a known thief.

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