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Monday, 15 December 2008

Kotik And Sausages

Did you understand what it is? Noooo???
It's K'otja in the position "Oh, how much I want sausages!!!"
I don't know how he made this idea that I can't resist to see his belly but when he wants to ask something special to eat, he makes this trick. If I do ot see it, he begins to "speak" to attract attention. And when I look at him, he fidgets in all the possible ways to show his belly as better as possible. So he does with me. With my husband he "speaks" till he gives him all the sausages that can enter in Kotik's stomach. And I assure you, I can't count more because they are so much you give him. After it he becomes similar to a ball and goes away.

You have to know that the quilt where he is in this moment is his property for the birth-right. I used this old quilt for meditations, once. When Murka, Kotik's mother, made her kittens, she began to take them in the room and put them on this quilt ( The short story of Kotik). Kotik has very great respect for his mother but this place is only his and he lays nearby till the mother goes avay.

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