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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Name Of Mrs Ox

In a post of Footiam I read about a game: a Chinese Astrology site. There I read that this year is a year of the Brown Cow. Than, because I was born in a year of Ox, the forecast for this year for me is not good. So I wrote in my Facebook page that I'm sad about it.

Here I post the conversation with one of my Facebook friends about it:

-This got my wondering, never heard of the Chinese sign Cow. It should be Ox, and this year is the year of the Ox
-The sign is Ox but female. Female of Ox has to be Cow or not?
-Not sure, I don't think so: "Oxen may comprehend both the male and the female". A man cow is a bull, female cow = cow.
Ox - cows = different 'species' ;-)
But not one to nit-pick
-Mmmm... something is wrong with the translation from Chinese, I think... Or our mentality is not the same with Chinese mentality...
I'm not so expert in English, so allow me a curiosity: if bulls and pxes are different species, what is the name of missis Ox? :-)))
-English is my second language too (Dutch). Mrs Ox = Mrs Ox I think ;-)
So, I read in the dictionary about it and found that
Ox is -bull;
-any representative of bulls-family
Bull is -bull;
-any representative of males of big animals (like whales, alligators)

So, Ox is the best word for the cause. But the year is a year of the female of the Ox. Is her name not Cow?
What is the name of Mrs OX?????

На лугу
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