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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Species Found In 2008

There are many animals that humans did not know to exist till the 2008. It's a pleasant fact, I think. From other side, we are destroying this planet even without knowing it's populations.

On the photo from Wikipedia is Leptotyphlops carlae the smallest existant snake. It is blind and the adults are about 10 cm long. By the way, biologist S. Blair Hedges is a person that discovered about 80 new species!

The other interesting new species of ant were found near Manaus. Martialis heureka is it's name. There were known only 3 ants of this species but 2 of them were lost because become dry and broken. This is completely new species, new branch of ants. They are so difficult to find while they are blind, subterranean, predatory ants. Photo from Science Daily.

An other discovery of this year is Tridacna costata, a gian clam. It's shell can arrive 200 kg! I could not imagine that something like this can exist on the earth else! The photo is from BBC News and there is an article for those who wants to read more.

I thought there are only this types of animals to discover (insects, fishes...). But I was not right. This year were discovered new birds and even mammals ( Carpomys melanurus, a rat)!

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