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Thursday, 15 January 2009


I like this photo (in the bottom) and turned to see it diferent times. We have not snow here and we canot even go out for a walk because it rains all days without stop. So Stassi is sleeping all the days.

She doesn't likes Murka in the last period. They were never good "neighbours" but 2 months ago happend this situation:
we picked up olives and Stassi was with us. Murka came with us in the morning and then in the afternoon. She comes sometimes with us, specially when we go for a walk with Stassi. This time she went to remember us that it's high time to eat. Stassi did not understand her.

At that moment passed relatives of my husband near us, that turned home through our territory. Man and woman. The real owners of Murka. In sense that they took her in their home when she was a kitten. But she don't want live with them and comes always to us because they don't like animals generally and killed her kittens at her eyes. After that she practically lives with us, in our yard. But visits them to find something to eat if she wants something "special" like fish (I don't eat fish).

So, Murka saw these persons passing near us and... went away with them.
It is incredible, but Stassi set down, opened the eyes and the mouth with the expression of greatest astonishment. This cat went away with strange persons!!!!! Traitor!!!

Imagine, Stassi didn't want to see Murka more in the house after that, and drove her out every time she wanted to enter. Now the situation is some better for Murka but Stassi doesn't like her and does not alow her to eat here.

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