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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Don't Abandon Your Pet!

Finally, summer is arrived. This morning my husband heard that there are 30 km-s of queue near the payment point of our expressway. It is from yesterday that all Italy left the houses and is directed to sea sides. Now everybody is on the beach till 15 of august. And they pass at least 2 days in queues.

Every holyday repeats the same story: italians abandon their pets before they go in bvacation. Dogs, cats and others are friends till the day of departure. 100 000 dogs abandoned in summer a year ago. It's statistics. I don't know, all Itay or only in the region of Piemont.

The alarm of this year is that the persons abandon exotic animals that are dangerous for the local nature. In one lake of one National Park were catched 150 amrerican tortoises!!!

These two?
Noooo, these are Stassi and Murka. It is too hot now. About 40°C in shadow, and the animals suffer too much. Specially Stassi that is old and ill...


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