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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Very Understimated Capacities Of Animals

«Орел» на Яндекс.Фотках

You know me, I say all the life that the animals have the same emotions and even much more superior capacities as we have. There were times when they cryed I'm so stupid etc, than they sad:yes, animals can have their feelings -maybe. Now with the new technologies more and more scientists public their researches results where they say, animals have very special capacities.

Everybody knows today, the elephants can hear with their feet. The confirm of some time ago: the dogs can comunicate with the sounds we canot hear. You, my readers of this blog, you remember you laughed when I told you the story how our dogs deceived us knowing that we can't hear them when they speak this way?

Some time ago wrote here about the very low sounds that the tiger makes when threatens. Wedo not hear this sounds with the ear but we hear them the same.

Today I found very interesting article in Secret abilities of animals revealed where they write about the world of sound. About bats. By the way, do you remembe the splendid photos (because MINE!) of my post
Bats Are Back! ?

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