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Friday, 21 August 2009

Basja Is A Hunter

This is an other story about our cat's life. Last time I wrote about Basja's Timetable

---and some of you thought that this cat does nothing other as sleep all days long. But it is not true. Basja is a gourmet. She likes to eat fresh meat. At the difference from other two 'Murka and Kotik- she doesn't like industrial food. Only fresh ecological and biological. It is incredible how fast she is. I've seen some times the reaction and the speed of the cats when they see a prey near enough to take it! But if Kotik for example preferes sausages (remember this post? Kotik And Sausages ) and Murka preferes cheese, Basja eats them only if dead from hunger. Murka is a hunter too, but she never eat what she takes. She leaves it for our door.

Look here what Basja took yeaterday!!!!

Бася Поймала Мыша

When she came with her prey, Murka saw it and wanted to catch her because Murka says, our house is her territory and the preys belong to her. So, Basja went under the car
first and than in the room, near me, to eat protected by my presence. Imagine the pleasure I had listeniung to this meal...

Бася Поймала Мыша

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