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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cormorant in Salerno

When I came in Salerno for my shift in museum this morning, I had about an hour free before I had to open the site. I adore the seaside of Salerno, and it's my custom to walk there when I have time. So, I went there with the desire to take sun. I did not decide what direction to choose when I've seen an interesting scene: on the stones that brake waves was a cormorant in the pose of Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

Cormorant in Animals as Friends

Cormorant in Animals as Friends

I had only my cell with me and tryed to make a short from the part of the sun as you see. Than, I run some meters to take a photo from the other side of the cafè but it was just too late. The cormorant closed his wings. And it was nothing other except many seagulls on other stones. Unfortunatelly, they are practically invisible on the photo. Probably, I need a better cell. :-)))

Salerno, Italy, seagulls


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