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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Our visit to the Naples zoo

Sincerely I thought, the Naples zoo is very old and comes from the time of kings. But it's not so. It was open after the war, in 1949. Some years ago there was something terrible there, and they spoke, is necessary to close this shameful place. I don't want repeat everything what was said about it and what we have seen there. Poor animals. Some of them could find new houses, others died. Later somebody found money and it was decided to began the reconstruction. They say, it will be a beautiful natural park, "family park".

We wanted to see this new park and visited it last sunday.

It's not what we expected to see. Maybe it will grow with time.,There are some differences from the last time we were there.
There are not monkeys more. Those lived in cages where they could not move, befor. Somebody accepted them and gave them better life, I hope.
But nobody wanted the poor elefant. I can't see this suffering soul. Maybe I don't understand the situation.
Every time I see him, he does the same movement: he comes for the close door, as he wants to enter there, but the door doesn't open. He waits a little, then he goes away, and turns back to the door. Maybe the door did not understand, he is ready to enter. But the door doesn't understand this time too. He goes away, makes a circle and comes to the close door: I'm here, I want to enter. But the door does not understand...

In front of the entrance there is a "banana-forest". I like it very much. Now, you can hear sounds of birds and water (registered) here and in this period there are flowers of magnolia too.
The plants of banana are so great! They grow in this region, you can see them near many houses. But the weather not hot enough for fruits and - "no bananas". Other tropical and desert plants feel good here, like agavas. They are higher then persons!

Very attractive is a stank where you can see many birds.
A part of it is closed and there are only holes where you can watch birds without disturb them.
I think, birds appreciate it. Other sorts of birds are there in other areas.
These are flamingo in love.
And an owl hidden under the bush

Then we pass to the part, where you can see great cats. The cages are very old but now they are not in use more.
From some old cages is done one, where live leopards.
In front of them are tigers. 6 or 7 adult animals. Only siberian now, I think. They have always "kittens" and this time there was one couple in love, maybe. This is the male.
The old male is alown. He has not very good look. When we were here last time there were two littles, now they are those in first cages maybe.
This one was so quiet "I have no problems"...
The lions had no wish to go out. One of them decided to do some steps and began to chant. His photos are in the previous post.
The old cages of hedgehogs are leer. They remain here as example

We pass near deers and emu

The zoo has different levels. On the upper level,that you can see from here, there are giraffes. They had a wish to communicate with people that day. The admiring voices was possible to hear from all places of the zoo.
Finally we joyned the part with seals and bears. There were only 2 seals this time and only 2 tipes of bears. The seals don't wanted go out from the water, so I post here only photos of bears.

This bear was playing with plastic, people threw him.
And at the end an enigmistic photo of the vulture family.
What has the female nearby? I think it's an egg. Why has she it out from the nest? Or is it not a nest?
This is a closer immage

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