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Friday, 20 April 2007

Quiz: do you recognize this cat?

The question is: can you say what race of cat is this?

It has long legs and long hair
between 24 and 35 ... remain in their natural habitat
"Zoos have several hundreds of ... and these could be set free,"
"All the body parts of the female are used for making medicines -- even whiskers and teeth."
Male is till 2.03 metres long and his weight is 37.2 - 89.8 kilograms


the world's most endangered cat


More help:
He lives in
Amur River valley of Siberia and Manchuria, Korea
In captivity, the situation is also very serious, as interbreeding with animals of unknown heritage has affected a large percentage of the captive breeding pool. Because of this, of the 150 remaining in captivity only 12 are purebreds.
the Amur leopard is disappearing in the shadow of the Siberian (Amur) tiger.

Millions of dollars have been raised to save the Siberian tiger by conservationists and wildlife management specialists with good results, when efforts began there were 150 Siberian tigers, today there are an estimated 400.

It also has larger and more widely spaced rosettes

Amur Leopard
Panthera pardus orientalis

Photo and descriptions are from these sites


Amur Leopard Conservation support
We would like to thank everybody who supported our campaign to stop the terminal in Amur leopard habitat!

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