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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Rats attracted by cats

The new message is generally not so new:
There are parasits manipulating their victims, if they, parasits, need to pass to the next animal for next part of their existance.

I have seen a film about snails. They have a parasit that wants to pass to a bird. It's not obligatory that a bird sees this particulary snail and eats it. So the parasit produces something that the poor snail becomes very showy and moves towards a place where birds can easily see it.

So in this sense the message is not new.
New is the animal that is manipulated. Rat. Scientists found a parasit, "npr" reports, that do the smell of cats attractive for rats. Pratically manipolates the brain of the rat. The poor rat or mouse is to be cought, because the parasit can reproduce only in the stomach of the cat. And the rat goes out to find the cat...

Maybe this mouse,adopted by the cat in China has that parasit too?(Ananova) and the cat,protecting it as a real mother, what has she?

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