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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

How animals smell? Some facts

Healthy body has healthy smell.
We, human beings, have not very good noses, but we depend from smell too.
Men are attracted from the smell of the women that are in the period when they can conceive.
We choose our partner because unconsciously we like his/he smell.
We don't like to stay in a place that smells "bad" for us.

We buy profume to impress our partner, friends.
Dogs-female do it too. They look for every kaka and roll in it to have this beautiful fragrance. And dog-males have some days particular bad smell, they mark their territory with it, it meens they became adult, fighters.

Cocks when feel the smell of ill hen begin to kill her. Seems they become mad. Have you notice it?

Murka had 4 kittens. One of them, Grey, was the only kitten that had a smell. He had not good health and was starving.

An other interesting fact discovered scientists:
men from different nations have different smell. And women can prefere this or that nation (I don't remember today the list, but it seems the most attractive smell had italian men) because they prefere this or that smell. Scientists said, this smell dipends from the food. Who eats bad quality food, has bad quality smell (and puuu.... too).

If you stay with old person you feel they smell particulary sweet.

Dogs can feel cancer, because cells produce specific fragrance in every life process.

So respect your nose. And the nose of your animal-friend.
Do you remember other facts?

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