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Sunday, 29 April 2007

For a walk with Murka

Stassi is a very brave dog, but she has a difficult character. She was so from her first days with us, and we bought her when she was 3 months old.
Now, when she has 10,5 years and is a widow, she is a little better, but not too much.
She doesn't like Murka. And Murka doesn't like her. But we live all together and "volens nolens" have to accept one another. So with time these two we find them always more and more near one to another.

Stassi was very depressed after the death of Imir, and I gave her too much sweeties. She became too fat, and this my behaviour made her depression worse only. So that she don't wanted to rise more. We decided to call her for a walk even if she doesn't want and to give her less to eat. And it was a wise decision.

The interesting thing is, that the cats want to walk with us too. They are half-wild and do what they want, but when they see us to go for a walk, they come with us.

Normally, we walk in our earth, but once a day we go in the street. And we go out trough the automatic gate. The cats are afraid of it and when they saw us in the street, they cried with incredible voices that we go out without them.

But one day we found them behind us in the street...
How was it possible, I thought? The gate was close and there are not holes in the fence.

Here I did photos about the invention of Murka to reach us when we go for a walk.
We are in the street...

She goes out and reaches Stassi

We live on the hill and I rise to make Stassi do some efforts.

And Murka goes together with us. She is more sure last week and not only visits local seightseengs

but marks the territory too
Now, we turn back with Stassi without Murka...

First we were worried about her. Even Stassi waited for her in the gate, but she didn't come. We can't stay here all the day, I said. If she knew to go out, she'll find the way to enter back.

Here she is :

She saw I'm here to make photos and came to me.

Hope you like our next story about Stassi and Murka.
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