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Monday, 9 April 2007

Do you know invalid animals?

I saw him yesterday.
He is alive and I feel satisfaction to see him. You can't not to feel respect for him. He is little, ugly and stray. I don't know where he finds to eat, where lives. They are 3-4 dogs resident under our hill. Others are "normal" but this is fast completly blind and he wunded 2 legs some months ago. So now he is blind and lame. A week ago I saw him to lay down like dead. But then he moved and I was glad to see it.
Why I respect him? Because he is very different from humans. Not only he doesn't crys all days about his infermity, he is very active. He goes everywere, he visits every female-dog in heat and trys to seduce her with more insistence that other competitors. He comes even to Stassi and don't leaves the place till the end of heat.He turns back to the place of his residence I don't know for what, to eat maybe, and later you see him in our yard. But you know what it meens? It's one km to raise the hill. Without eyes and with 2 wounded legs.

I know many examples like this.
We, humans, feel often invalid even if we have no external problems. Animals don't have this behaviour. "I'm so, it works so. I have to use what I have."

They don't think: somebody dosen't likes me for this, somebody has to create special conditions for me because I'm invalid. You have to treat me in a special way because I'm invalid...

Is there something that dosen't works in our heads?
(I don't say we have not treat invalids in the way to help them ecc.I speak about how the animals do to not become invalid, when they ARE invalid)

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