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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The first visit of the year

Maybe you will laugh, but it's the most heroic being I've ever seen in my life.
This dog is stray. We meet him normally under the mountain about 1 km far from our house. He is blind. If you look at his right eye, you can see -not very good in my photo because he is afraid of me and I can't come too close to him- the eye is white. I think the other eye is not very good too.

Because he is blind and completly indipendent being, he has always 1-2 legs broken. And maybe they were not healed good. In every case he is lame.

Probably, he knows where to go to eat while he is alive else. And not skinny.

I thought, what would do a human being on his place? What would do I on his place?
You know. More or less.

And now, answer my question: what is this dog doing near my house that is situated about 1 km far from the place he normally lives? And it's not a normal way distance. It's a mountain and there is not a nice direct road to come till here. Specially if you are blind and lame.

So, what do you thnk?
He presents here as a admirer of my Stassi (that is 4 times biger).
He is here as a MACHO!

Invalid? Bad? Little?
It's for defected-mind humans.
He is a MALE!


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