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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Who made this egg?

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I found a crime in my henhouse.
Somebody has made 4 eggs and hidden them behind the great leave of cardboard.

I have 4 hen. 1 old and 3 young. The old hen ( in background on the photo) makes eggs in the special place. So I'm sure she is not that delinquent.

So, one of the young hen began to make eggs and doesn't know where to go else, so she found a hidden place and makes eggs in that place.
How can I know, who of the hen makes me these little eggs?

Look at these photos (in the bottom).
Do you see the difference?
One is the old hen (left) and other is the young one that do not makes eggs else (right). It's a girl.
The crest and the bart are very different.
When the hen beginns to make eggs, the crest becomes more and more red in colour and begins to grow.

Now turn to the first photo.
The hen on the left has the crest and the bart little, but more great and more red as that of the "girl". So, this hen began to make eggs for me.

And what have I to do to teach her that she makes them in the special place?
Nothing special. I take all the eggs, put them all in the special place, leave them there for some days. And because the hen are very curious and explore always the henhouse, the young will find many eggs in that place and will go there next time. She needs time to become adult and know all the trics.

Read the first part
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