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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Don't look at my girl!

I write sometimes about animal's attacs at the persons that are too invasive. It's the new case, notice by Daily Mail from 4th january with entire splendid reportage of photos

Interesting is this quater, I really like it.

So the important thing to remember when you're invited into a silverback gorilla's backyard is just who's the boss.

And this is the reason of this demonstration of force:
an American – got between the male gorilla and the true object of its attentions, a young female

He (this mail of gorilla) is even quite chummy with humans, whose money and patronage helps support the planet's desperately dwindling gorilla population.
There are currently fewer than 650 individuals scattered across several hundred square miles of this region and, without help, they could vanish.
I say, we had once a cock and sold him to one friend. The cock was very happy to own some hen all for him. One day mother in law of that man wanted to take eggs and entered in the henhouse. The cock kicked her so grave that she passed the day in a hospital.

What do you want from that enormous beast?

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