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Saturday, 26 January 2008

What do you call beautiful life?

On 18 January veterinarian sterilized Basja.

She is too young and too week, other cats beat her, and she is favourite female of my husband, so she lives in the house from that day. She has the wound in not very good condition too...
"Don't touch her, let her stay here till she feels good." (he feels guilt that he wanted this surgery)

Well. Now it's impossible to live in this house.
In the moment when I sit down she climbs on my knees. And she pass all the rest of the time (when not disturbing me) in bed now. With my husband! And what they do there! It's a scandal this life! Look at them!

Now we'll see what pillow is more sweet today (before they see me and catch from here)
He is not here else...
Finally together

Ahhh... She catch me "in flagrant delict"... I have to go...

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