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Monday, 3 March 2008

What do you see on this photo?

This incredible photo I found in the site "Polls Boutique" It's not the first polls-site for me but I love it really and will sign up there. So if you are afraid of referral-links be sure it's not one of them. I really like the site and am not a member in this moment else.

So, now partecipate on the game, answer the question I posted in the title.

What is this? Where is this?

Before you look at the answer I tell you what I learned more in these polls today.
I learned about a traditional Asiatic meal called Balut that is nothing else that "a duck-egg with nearly developed embryo inside boiled alive."

No, I'm meet-eater and can't renounce on meat. We have to eat.
What I don't understand is this bravado of many persons: I ate alive snails, fin of the shark (that was then thrown alive in sea without fins), sushi. It's an other toy? Demonstration of own cruelty of persons that are cowards in their soul?

You will say I'm maximalist as a teenager.
Somebody has to kill animals that I eat. He looks in the eyes of the calf befor killing him. He has to do it. It's his work. I can't do it myself. I see these eyes many years after that film about abuses of animals.

To have good fur the polar foxes are killed inserting them an iron stick in the anus.
A person that works inthose farms has not have "special relations" with animals, because it will kill the soul of the person...

Excuse me if I am too philosophical today.

Here is the answer on the question you had:

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