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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Two Marry Foxes Visited Our Henhouse This Morning

This morning was very sad even if the sun decided to show us it's face.
When I went in the henhouse I found all our hens killed. There was only one alive, she was in the nest making the egg, when 2 foxes found the way to enter there.

The poor hen is now so much afraid of everything, that she doesn't want to return in the henhouse more. She is very fortunate. Because she is old. All the young hens are dead.

What is the most interesting in this story, that the foxes not only could enter, they went out and ... took one hen with them. All this we could read on the fallow field that is covered with the steps of great entertainment. They played with the hen, ate a little, played more, ate and at the end took it home, because foxes have cubs in this period, we think.

The way of happy game:

They came from there. And we think they have their house on that hill in front on the right. My husband had seen once a fox that runned behind a cat on the path there too:

And this is the fence about 1,80 m high that the foxes found possibility to climb over. Taking with them a hen. That had about 3 kg.
Foxes are not too big here. We think not more than 5-7 kg, they are a little bigger as cats. But soooo clever and powerful...

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