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Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Mann And A Bull

All the day of Saturday we passed in the agricultural show in Bastia Umbra (North of Italy if you see it from us). We go there sometimes, because we can go there and turn back in one day. There are 400 km one side. I wanted to write some posts about animals I saw there, and today I wanted to begin with this story that I hope you will like.

This beauty is a bull of a Chianina breed (breed from Chianin is better as a translation). It's a champion, and his master took him in the center of the place to attract persons to visit his agricultural farm. They are very popular now in Italy.

The man was sooo little near this beast, and you could not understand who allows him to stay here in center of the crowd with this potential bomb. Nobody of other cattlemen remained with their animals out of the special places. If they had, they took the animal away with all possible speed. But not this man.
There were so many persons there with little babies near them. Everybody was some afraid and stand about a meter far from them (as it could help, this meter if the bull wanted to do something).

But it was absolutely incredible to stay with them even some minute and to hear this man speaking with the bull and -the animal that did everything the man wanted from him. Like this:

- Look here, you stay too near to this line. It's not good. Go back! -and the bull makes a step back! -No, not so, more back, more, go! -and the bull makes a step back!!!

- He is so quite, I said, with all these persons.
- He is accustomed to stay with people all the day, answered the man, he is the main attraction of our farm.
- How old is he?
- 3 years.
- How many years can he live?
- I don't know. He is a champion and we will give him in the other farm now.

I could not resist to make a photo with this Power. Even if I was a little afraid the same. When I watched the photo now, I said, animals are incredibly tolerant with us. Imagine, everybody wants to touch him all the day, everybody makes photos... And he has so quiet "face".

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