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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Guys, Stop Producing Puppies!

This post originally is written by "The Reality Of What Humans Do". I found information about it in Pet Monologues
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This is two days worth of dead animals from a small shelter in California.

Every single one of those animals came from somewhere... a puppy mill, a back yard breeder, someone who 'just wanted one litter' from their dog. When you choose to create life, you are responsible for that life. Those animals didn't ask to be born, and they sure didn't ask to die in fear in the hands of a shelter employee. Shelters have NO CHOICE but to euthanize these animals, more and more come in every day. There are far more animals than there are homes.

The ONLY way to stop this wholesale slaughter of healthy, happy pets is to STOP PRODUCING THEM. 99% of pet owners have no 'need' for a 'pure bred' dog. They don't intend to show the dog or compete in breed specific performance trials. Getting an 'AKC' dog from the local paper is no guarantee of health or temperament or quality. In fact, you have a BETTER chance of getting that 'perfect' dog from a reputable rescue where the dogs are evaluated before you adopt them.
I hope the author will forgive me that I copy the text, but it's unpossible to write better.

We had a couple of Rottweilers, you know, but after we had 2 litters and have seen where have to go our puppies, we decided to avoid to give life to these poor beings. Now we have 2 stray cats-females and made them sterilize even all (doctor too) told bad about us. But they put their kittens to us, we grow them till 4-5 months and than... we had to throw them. We love these poor beings, and it was an enormous wound for us. We suffered for different weeks last time.

What can we do? The only way is to stop producing them.

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