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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Why Pet Rat? Easy Way to Make Friends

Photo from «Кристиночка помылась :-)» на Яндекс.Фотках

What is the simpliest way to attract attention of everybody?

Adopt a rat as your pet-animal, train it to make some interesting tricks and go for a walk or visit your friends with it.

Sure, you can do it adopting other species of animals. For example, buying a 10-meter long anaconda (do you know, that you can earn an enormous amount of millions of dollars if you present to the public 10-meter long anaconda catched in Amazonia?) but you will never have so great success as with a little rat.

Now I'll explain you the reasons and you'll agree with me.

Can you put anaconda in your pocket and take it where you want? The answer is obvious. You will have problems even if you have a big dog or a not so big cat.
Than, can you put a guide-belt to your anaconda and go for a walk with it?

Finally, many persons are afraid of snakes too much and would never come nearer to somebody with this animal. Yes, they are afraid of rats too, but it pass when they see very funny tricks it makes.

Imagine, you see a person you like very much and want to attract his/her attention.
This person will maybe go away without seeing you because is very busy or do not makes contacts in the street.
Imagine now you have a pet with you. It can be a dog or a cat. And it is possible this person likes dogs or cats. And she/he looks at your dog/cat for a moment. But is very busy -and goes away.

Now, if your pet is a rat and it's able to do many interesting tricks? Even if this person is very busy he/she will stop near you and watch the tricks your rat does. And surely will speak with you too.
Do you think it's difficult, rat training? Not too much if you follow step-by-step guide of "Pet Rat Care And Training Guide"

At the end -but not the least- it's really important: if you have a little house, don't buy a rottweiler or shepherd or napoletan mastiff or greyhound. They need great space to live and will become stressed, depressed ecc in not too much time living in these conditions.
Buy a rat -and all you will live a very happy life together.

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