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Saturday, 22 March 2008

New-killer or StingRay's Attacks

I will be not surprized if the next action film of the Hollywood will be about stingray-killers that organized an enormous military force and attacked humanity.

This photo is from National Geographic's article about stingrays. I did not think that it's a fish, you know. And that they can live so long, till 25 years in wild...

So, this an... pardon fish is an other time a protagonist of a killing story (, photo too ). An other person is dead from it's attack. Practicaly it was not an attack here. Stingray jumped out of the water and fall on the woman in the boat. It's a big animal, about 2 metrs large and they can weight till 350 kg, so it's possible that the woman banged her head on the boat.

The most known case of stingray's attack is the story of Steve Irwin. But he was under water.

A year befor Steve Irwin's death, an 81-old man was in the same situation of the woman in the boat, he was punctured by the burbs, but that man could survive, fortunatelly.

Is unknown why the stingrays jump out of the water. Somebody says they are afraid of something and that is why they punctured the persons in those boats. But there are very spectacular photos of flying mantas (links in the bottom). Why stingrays could not like to "fly" from time to time too?
Flying Manta Rays
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying mobula ray soaring high off the Mexican shore

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