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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Mother-caecilia as film-star

My first thought, when I saw the film, was: "What a disgusting look!" But then the movy arrived to the place where the kids yawn.

This beauty is an amphibia without legs named Caecilia. Really amazing face, mmm? It's is very similar to earthworms. Specially the most little species, about 10 cm long. (both photo are from Wikipedia) Those longest arrive till 1,5 m and are similar to snakes.

Caecilias live in the humid soil in tropical parts of our planet near water, eat worms, sometimes termits, and plants too. Scientists know not much about them because they have so hidden life.

Some of species are even toxic. They produce poison that kills all other animals that live in the same terrarium.

Their eyes are covered with skin and they have to be able to see only light and dark.
Most of them have only one lung. And some of tem have external lungs at the birth.
Sometimes they give birth to alive offspring, other times make eggs.

Interesting is that the mothers take care about their kids. And some mothers nutrish them with own skin. Imagin, this skin is so rich on nutrient elements, that the children grow 10 times in one week! And this moment could film a BBC crew.
The babies (you will say the same word when you see them in video) have special teeth for this meal.

Who has BBC One can watch the film on 11 February. Those who hasn't it can open this page and click "watch" under the photo.

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