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Friday, 9 October 2009

An Experiment Proved Ants Are As Humans

Maybe you remember my post about Terrible Ants that all wanted to come to live this summer in our house? Now I'll tell you hove I wanted to eliminate them.

My husband left one day a peel of the melon on the window. It remaind there all the moring and when I came in the kitchen to cook, it was full of the ants. I thought: till they will be busy to eat on this peel, they will not explore other possibilities to find something to eat. And I left them where they were.

Муравьи. Эксперимент.

Next morning when I came in the kitchen I had time to observe what they are doing. It was so interesting! All the ants (very little this time) were dead on the melon. I was surprized because nobody killed them. I left them to eat so much they want.

Than I noticed some of them moving a little. Than, some of those moving rised and began to go in the direction of their hole. I wanted to see more. Ans that is what I understood:

the ants ate so much they could and than fall on the same place with their stomaches full so that they could not move more. Than, they were able to eat more and they ate. One of the times they could rise up they remembered to turn back in their anthill. Anthole.
I laughd. The ants are so similar to us...

Муравьи. Эксперимент.

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