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Thursday, 20 December 2007

A Hen and an Egg

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and Healing qualities of the eggs too

There was a very beautiful hen in the henhouse.
Unfortunatelly she was not so young and a little tired to make eggs every day. So, she decided to take a vacation and did not want to think about the eggs at all.

But she was only a hen and lived in a yard of a house, and there was an owner in this house that wanted his hens make him eggs every day.

After some days the owner noticed the hen did not make eggs more.
Tomorrow I'll kill the hen, he said to his wife. I can't give her to eat if she doesn't want to think about the eggs. But the same evening he had to go in the city for some days.

The hen knew about the intention of the owner and was very frightened. She did not know what to do to dimostrate to the owner how brave she is. So, decided to make him a very special egg.

It was not a simple egg. It was an Egg. And the hen was not satisfyed to make an Egg. She said, she will brood it and will give to her owner a kid. In this way the owner will see how precious is she because she is able to generate him new beautiful beings. So little and so cute. And in this way he had not to buy new hens. And she will live for ever in this yard! She will be the Queen-hen in this henhous!

And she did so as decided.

What do you think said the owner when he saw the result?

And this video you HAVE to see if you have not seen it.

Read second part Who made this egg?

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