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Friday, 29 February 2008

Siamese -an other of cat breeds

What can I say you, we become accidentally masters of a pure Siamese cat 3 years ago. She came to us because she did not like persons where she lived before. So I knew that one of the most diffused pure breeds are Siamese.

Did you know that there are about 1 (one) hundred domestic cat breeds? Yes, it's true. But Siamese was one of the first officially recognized and more loved till today.

I want to tell you many interesting things about them.

These are Thai cats. They say the Thai princess went with these cats to swim. Originally they had 2 defects: deformed tail-end (to maintain rings of the princess when she swims) and cross-eyes. Today they are not appreciated in show-cats more.

All these cats have dark spots. They are provoked by a Siamese gene and concentrated in most cold places of the body. Kittens born white and bacome more and more dark with age. That is why Siamese show-cats finish their carrier when they are 3 years old. But these breed has very good life expectancy: they can live till 20 years, it's normal for these breed.

Siamese Cats are very special if we speak about their character. They are similar to dogs in this sense. They choose a master for them and follow him everywere, need great attention and know how to attract it, because they are very loquacious. They have an incredibly quantity of murmurs and mews and if the master don't want to understand they can throw their toy in the air. An important side of their behaviour is that they don't use claws when they play.

Siamese are very clever and ingenious. And this is an other positive side of their character because you can teach them to do many things with easy cat training. They are known for their good heart and because they heal their masters: they feel where he has the pain, lay down on this place and the pain pass.

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