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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

What is "Bos"

Bos is the genus of wild and domestic cattle or oxen. Bos can be divided into four subgenera: Bos, Bibos, Novibos, and Poephagus, but the distinction is controversial. The genus has five extant species. However, this may rise to seven if the domesticated varieties are counted as separate species.
From Wikipedia

You can say me, you know everything about this animal. You eat it's meat every day. And you don't think about the eyes of a calf in the butchery. Those eyes, when the trusty calf comes to the man with a pistol, rises his great eyes and...

Here I don't want to tell you hard stories. No. I want to tell you, about this treasure that human being posesses.

"Toro" was the greatest animal in the forests of Europe. People have seen it as a totem, a sort of God. To this animal they entrust the lives of those joung men that had to leave their villages: you have to go where
the bos leads you, and in that place you have to build your new village.

It was one of the most important parts of their economy too. Every part of it's body was precious. All the life of human being was bounded to the periods of life of these animal.

And when the men wanted to show his power, he went in the forest to affront "toro". Later they began to show these fights to all their society, to conquist their women and to show to be better as other men. This usage you can see today in Spain.

So much we are in debt to this animal and have at least think and speak about him with respect.

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