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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

'Parrot Of The Night'

Do you like KAKAPO? (Great name, eh?)
You can't not love them. They are so incredible!

I've seen a film about kakapo for the first time some years ago. Yesterday my husband found an other film about them and fortunately called me to come (I had to cook something to eat) but I saw only the last minutes of the story. So I wanted to read last news about this bird today and found a site with a blog of the rangers from the place where the kakapo live.

This is the address of the site: Kakapo Recovery Programme
and the photo is form this site, clear.

There are only 86 kakapo. But the very nice news are that they have 7 babies! 4 girls and 3 boys!

Forgot to say it: they were practically extinct because of the rats that humans took in New Zealand. These parrots can't fly, they walk. And they walk in a very funny way. And they need very great territory.

I found a video!

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