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Friday, 4 April 2008

"The Factory" In The Fair

Maybe you've watched video from this post Simple- simple stupid sheep where I like the sheep very much. But when we were in the agricultural show I've just described in 2 posts Italian Cattle Breeds and A Mann And A Bull, the sheep were not too clever there. First of all there were only 2 breeds of sheep there (excuse me, I don't know the names):

These last took part of a "factory".
It's very common now: where you go, you'll find a "representation of a factory". To show to the modern population who makes eggs, milk ecc for them. Specially to show it to children.

Once I saw similar tours made for children in Africa. To show them, that there are lions, girafes and other animals in their countries. If they don't know about them, why have we to know, how looks a hen like?

In the "factory" there were some sorts of animals. Between them these little pigs too. I don't know who've ever seen these breed of pigs in a normal factory, no comments.
Well, about sheeps. They were very interesting. They went behind a goat. As a tail behind the dog. At the end the goat was too bored of them and began to beat them.

Poor sheep...

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