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Friday, 18 April 2008

Impressed By Horses

In the Fair in Bastia Umbra (read reports here A Mann And A Bull, here Italian Cattle Breeds and here "The Factory" In The Fair ) I had very important for me "horses-impression".

There were not much horses and asses there, I don't remember even if those were special breeds or not. I did these photos of colts -beautiful as all babies...

What was special and impressive in this?
How is your behaviour when you are in a fair? You go here and there and make photos without thinking about the souls you see there and interact with. So did I too.

When I came to the place where there was this horse, it (I don't remember even if it was he or she to write the right word here) was in the other part of the pen, but when it saw me, it came to me and it was like it wanted to "speak" with me, to say me something. But I wanted only to make photos. It understood it, resent and went away from me.

Than the same story happened me with this ass. It came to me with great enthusiasm, wanted to say me something, than even asked about caresses. It was so... I did not know what to do, I don't understand what it wants. But I wanted only photos... and the ass was offended too.

You know, I felt very bad then. Really bad. I don't know, they choose me to say me something, but I did not want to listen to them and thought only about photos... I was a stupid tourist there. It was a great shame, that I did not understood what they want.

You know, it's a shame to feel a tourist and don't see and feel other beings.

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