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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Kitten Update

These are the last cat's news.

Basja is back. She was away for 4-5 days and finally turned home with great hunger. Maybe she wanted to find somebody better as us -as Murka did once, when she leaved her masters and came to us. They say till today that we stole their cat. Now, Basja maybe wanted to find somebody, but is back.

Kotik has great battles. With the father or with the mother of his kittens -we don't know. Some days ago he was very angry with me because I did not open him the door in the night when somebody beat him. But we said, to become a Male he has to learn to fight and to protect himself. The male becomes Male only if he was beaten many times. Yesterday he came all covered with blood and with torned ear.
He is the biggest cat here and he eats good, has better health. Why he alows to beat him by every cat?
So, at the end he will become a Valorous Fighter. We hope.

And here are the last photos of the kittens. I saw the mother go away and made changes in the hole. Hope, she don't leaves them.

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