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Saturday, 5 April 2008


We have 2 cat-notices in the cat-part of our family.

First and most important is that Kotik has 3 children. I heard them this morning when entered the shed and my husband found them later. 2 females: black and gray, and one male, black as his father. Not more than 1 week old.

It's unpossible, this life. We had sterilized one bride -he took a new one in the house.

Kotik is a good father: he left his bed in the shed to the new bride and now left her all the flat too. So, she is the only mistress there now.

The bride is grey with little patches. So gray as a gray cat in the night.

Well, the other notice is not good. Basja comes not more to us. My husband saw her when he turned home from work in the morning Thursday. Today is Saturday.

It can be that she decided to change the house. They hate one other with Murka and there is not possibility of peace between them.

The second possibility is that the foxes killed her. But they had something to eat this week, because they killed 6 young hens of our heighbour. And then, they don't have to kill cats to eat them maybe. Predators do not eat predators, I think.

Finally, some days ago she was very strange. She entered the room with a strange pass with fixed look. Came near me, but did not want that I touch her. Than she went out, wanted to stretch and ...fall on the side. I was sure, she ate poison and is dieing in my hands.
The cats stole great piece of smoked sausage by our neighbours before and we thought, they put poison in the room with sausages. But after some minutes she felt good.

And now she doesn't come more.
I'm Sad.

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