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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Squirrel Colours

On the photo that I took in the article of Daily Mail you see squirrels of different colours.

The first, red squirrel, is native for England and I think for all Europe too.
The second, grey squirrel, comes from America in the 1870s. It is more active and winner as native squirrel.
Finally the last, black, is the result of a single mutation in the DNA of greys and appears in 1912.

The black squirrel is the result of a single mutation in the DNA of greys, giving them higher levels of the pigment melanin in their fur.

Sex selection is also boosting their numbers because female greys appear to prefer them as mates.

I laught when I red it, because some time ago I wrote that according to an interesting recent research the leonesses in Africa prefer males with braun mane. If she sees a blond leo she goes away, if she sees a broun one she loses her head. So, now I know that the squirrel-females are not so simple to convince too.

By the way
I had an Airdail-female. She had many friends but did not had any preference for one of them. Only she did not love a mastiff. Once we went on the beach and there was a red German sheffild with long fur and he had great broun mane there. He was really beautiful (and knew it, I think). My Bessy fall the same minute in love. What she did to attract his attention! It was a shame to see it! ;))) Fortunatelly the next her love was an Airdail.

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