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Tuesday, 24 March 2009


The poor dead animal you see here we found today in the yard. Hardly was it killed by the cats because he had no one wound. The cats like to play with mices and lizards, but they eat mices and their theeth would leave traces. So, we decided the mole was dead for natural causes.

This one was surely adult. It was about 10 cm long. We have shrews too but they are similar to mices and are much more little.

I told you just that there are persons that pay fortunes to have a moleskin coats. I did not touched THIS animal, but once we had an alive one and I took it in the hands. Splendid fur! And you can imagin it looking at it on the photo.

I was surprized to see it's tail, you know. And I thought about an other thing: Did you hear about chiromansy (so?)? Look at the "hand" of the mole.
And at it's nails!

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