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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Preparations To The Cow-Competition

The most important for every breeder is the competition. If you have any animal of a certain breed, you will contact this desease: you want to partecipate on the competitions, you surely think your animal is the best and you want to win. If it is your pet -there is nothing too terrible when you will lose. Even if you can ask more money for puppies if your dog/cat won a competition.

If your animal is a cow and you are a breeder, these competition become very important for you.

The agricultural shows are very important for the cow-breeders bacause they can show, sell their animals, but they can raise their status -and the prices- if they win. So in the show you can see the breeders walking with their animals -to learn them to walk among the persons.

Коровки готовятся к конкурсу

I laughed very laud when I saw this scene. What is the worker doing, do you think? He is shaving the udder to make the young cow more beautiful and attractive. So is she washed, brushed and even shaved for competition now.

These beauties are not so young if we look at their udders. But they are all washed and shaved as it seems, too. They have to be sold maybe.

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