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Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Shrews

This photo is from "Cute Funny Animals" but I don't want to tell you a funny or nice fable about them. My story is TERRIBLE. It's a story of horror. And the bads in it are these cute and happy animals. The shrew is their name, I think.

Here, near the house, live great quantity of the shrews. The adults are not longer as 7 cm, I think. They have very nice fur, by the way. And I read once, somebody had a fur coat made from them. Maybe it was a revenge. I would catch them all and make a coat too.

I have seen them. I don't know how we cought them because they live under the earth. For some years they destroyed my vegetable and kitchen gardens. I like bulbs and had ever tulips, narcisses and others of very different sorts. And they LOVE bulbs. I had hundreds -hundreds, you understand?- of these flowers for some years. One year the shrews ate ALL of them!

Somebody said me, they don't like the smell of the bulbs of narcisses. Next year I planted tulips among the narcisses (I ove both). What do you think??? They passed narcisses and ate tulips. What is the problem? I had the incredible sorts of dahlias. The first year they ate all of them. The second year I planted them in the metal nets. They ate them the same because theycould enter inside.

But at least I cryed about them. That second year was too hot. Really too hot. There was not water and there were not plants enough to eat for them. They finished everything they could find in my garden. There were some dahlias else. In those metallic nets. The poor animals tryed to enter inside and letterally left their fur on the net. And I found some of them dead near my nets.

It was a sad picture. I do not use metal nets from that time.

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